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Poppy Devlin

You ask - we find!

Thursday 21st March 2019

Although we're always adding to the website, there's always someone looking for something that we haven't added as of yet. And that's exactly what happened a few weeks ago.

A client got in touch and said that they were looking to put together a marketing Toolkit for each of their offices around the UK and everything, including the roller banner, was to be contained in an aluminium executive case.

Now i'm not sure at what size a briefcase becomes a suitcase, but what i do know is that a standard 850mm roller banner would certainly not fit in the rather snazzy cases that we'd sourced from our Expert Promo website.

So the challenge was set - find a roller banner that has a base less than 450mm wide - and Poppy was up for the challenge!

After a bit of investigative work, our Pop's found the perfect banner - and it's now uploaded to the website so you too can order your very own version (should you have the burning desire to do so!).

You can take a look at our Mini Roller Banner here. The graphic is just 400mm wide x 1600mm tall (just a tad shorter than the usual 2 metre height of a standard roller banner and as usual, comes complete with it's own carrier bag.

So what were you looking for today that you couldn't find?

Just send Poppy an email at poppy@expertprintmanagement.co.uk and i'll be amazed if she can't find something for you!

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